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Poster: nolight Date: Aug 10, 2005 10:33pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Weird Al Concert

Well this is bad...
Weird Al is so great and crazy...
What would be the reason for this? Is he afraid of losing money through this? A lot of people like his music and would download it. From my point of view it would just increase his popularity.


perhaps the label is the problem:
Here is a link to a band named Strapping Young Lad, whose live concert hs been made available in the I-Net and the label did stop this "action".

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Aug 10, 2005 10:38pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Weird Al Yankovic

Typically, artists have to be asked and then have to reply favorably (or else they just write in out of the blue after hearing about the site) in order for their shows to be included here. It's just that none of those initial steps have happened yet.

I just found a blurb in his FAQ archive. Unfortunately the "don't let me catch you" part leaves it ambiguous!

There are a LOT of fans out here who would love to see a live album & video from one (or more) of your tours. Do you think you'll ever make us happy and release something like that? Pam Ritchie (Speaking for many, many people who also yearn for a "live" Al video!)

I would have to say probably not, although you never know what my wacky record company might insist on someday. The food medley in particular would be nearly impossible to get legal clearance for (because, among other reasons, it contains a few "unauthorized" parodies). The other songs performed live in concert stay pretty close to the original arrangements, and I think there's more than enough Al compilations floating around already, so I'd probably veto the idea of a live album. (Of course, if MTV ever wanted to do a Weird Al Unplugged, I might have to reconsider.) In the meantime, go ahead and bootleg the shows - just don't let ME catch you!

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